Educational Purchase

by Nicole Docta, December 11, 2015
BUYER has read and accepts the terms and conditions below.

Media Options

Thanks for your interest in an educational purchase of IN FOOTBALL WE TRUST!  Upon agreement of the following terms and conditions, IFWT Productions LLC agrees to mail the IN FOOTBALL WE TRUST DVD or Bluray for usage defined below:

  • BUYER agrees to pay IFWT Productions, LLC to acquire the IN FOOTBALL WE TRUST DVD or Bluray (hereby referred to as “Media”) for educational use/library circulation.
  • BUYER agrees to not duplicate, sell, upload, post, store in a data retrieval system, transmit (by any means whether electronic, mechanical or otherwise), or give away Media.
  • This agreement includes Public Performance Rights for an audience up to 250 individuals. Therefore BUYER may not exhibit Media commercially, or to an audience over 250 individuals, or for profit, or promoted in paid advertising. A screening can only be promoted to members of the purchasing organization, and projector and/or screen must be located in the same room of 250 or fewer seats. Should BUYER be interested in hosting a screening to an audience greater than 250 individuals, or charging an admission fee, an additional screening fee will be due prior to the event (fee TBD based upon projected attendance) along with written permission from IFWT Productions LLC via the Non-Theatrical Agreement.
  • Media is protected under International Copyright Law
  • We have PAL and NTSC DVDs available. Our Blurays play in all regions.
  • The Original version of the Media is Not Rated and contains explicit language. If BUYER would interested in buying(DVD only) or screening the Clean version, BUYER must email us at
  • Please note, the filmmakers may be available for classes or events but speaking fees may apply and travel/accommodations must be covered. Please email for details or to book.